Hi there I’m Eriol Fox 🦊

I’m a full-stack, Human Rights Centred Designer (HRCD) and PhD researcher from Bristol in the UK 🇬🇧🇪🇺.

I’m currently working part-time as a product manager for OSS and a designer while I research how Designers contribute to Humanitarian Open Source Software at Open Lab Newcastle. You can check out my portfolio and drop me a message if you’ve got a role you’d like to discuss. Take a look at my research.

Previously, I was head of design at Open Food Network, Ushahidi and other app, ecommerce and digital platforms for the last 11 years.

After discovering a love for Free and Libre Open Source Software I started contributing as a Designer to various OSS projects. Most notably at Open Source Design.

You can find me online @erioldoesdesign on various social media and networking sites.

Eriol speaking at Design matters 2019 on designing for human rights technology